Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Finally – I’ve got it figured out!!

I have always thought that I have too many artistic pursuits for my own good and that I really should buckle down and pick one or two. NOW I know that I was looking at it all WRONG! Rather than thinking of each craft as an individual pursuit I now think that they should be viewed as one -- all merged together to make “My Art”.

Honestly I can’t say how many times I have tried to decide which pursuit I should give up and it was just impossible to come up with a satisfying answer…

Could I stop making cards? Never! I could not ever stop giving those little artistic masterpieces (as one of my friends calls them) to my friends and family. Maybe I could get rid of my scrap booking supplies and stop scrap booking? Never! I LOVE documenting events, emotions and people that touch my life and mean so much to me. Well, I don’t make very many little books – maybe I should stop making my little books? Never! For one thing, most of the supplies I use to make my little books are the same as card making and scrapbooking so there isn’t much to be gained there. AND I would be lost without the little books I have made for myself and I have seen the joy that the books I make for others can bring so who would want to stop that craft?

So let’s say I keep all of my paper crafting pursuits and I give up my textiles (cotton and fancy fabrics) and sewing supplies that I use in quilting; art, traditional and crazy? Never-Never! Embroidery was my first love at the age of 10 or so and fabric was my second (after I recovered from my HS Home Economics teacher!). I have been actively quilting since 1990 and when I need to feel better I just go upstairs and “play” with my fabrics. Me quitting that pursuit - that will just never work so forget it!

Maybe I could give up making wool projects? I know that my husband would love to see all of those bins of wool that I have collected (about 12 huge bins)…Never! Wool is the easiest and most versatile textile to work with and can be utilized in so many different ways – wall hangings, rugs, clothing embellishment, handbags and small carry-alls, oh! the list goes on and on….

Well, maybe I could do away with my cotton, silk and wool dyes and dyeing supplies? Well, if I do that I will be eliminating a crucial surface design option which I use for EVERYTHING so, that will Never! work. 

I also could consider putting my camera away and and not try and capture those once-in-a-lifetime pictures that I love to take. (see photo of the Sandpiper below). It is still a learning experience for me but I really enjoy it so much so no... Never! gonna give up my efforts to capture wonderful moments in time.

SO – after this very long self-examination I see that I CAN NOT eliminate any of my many artistic passions…Never! They are all inter-related and fused into each other. When I learn to make a pretty paper flower, that same flower can be used in a scrapbook, a card or a book and with some stabilizer it could be made out of fabric or wool and used on a textile.

However..... lately I have seen some really cute hats and scarves that have been KNITTED and would be adorable on my granddaughter….. better stop while I am ahead. I think I have enough projects to keep me busy for now.

See the little creature that is in the Sandpiper's bill? How did I ever get this picture!

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