Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Another trip

We are off on another trip - Upstate New York this time. My family has a summer cottage on Skaneatelas (skinny-at-lass) Lake. It is one of the Finger Lakes that stretch across Central New York. The cottage has been in our family for three generations now and it is a treasure to us all.

I guess I won't be doing much quilting because the belt is broken on the lovely old Singer sewing machine that is here and I just can't seem to remember to get a replacement!

When I return to KC I will have 1 1/2 days at home and then it is off again for a Crazy Quilting retreat in O'Fallon, Illinois for six, yes six, days of free-for-all crazy quilting. We went last year and had so much fun we just had to go again this year. I like to go to retreats where there are classes but I would really rather just do my own thing. This particular retreat will have many "teachers" who will show me plenty of new things while I am there!

So while I am here I will be doing some work on my crazy quilted Winter Scene - I would love to finish it so I can have some show 'n tell at the retreat! Also, there is an intriguing book that I want to read called "The Creative License - Giving Yourself Permission to be the Artist you truly are" by Danny Gregory. I hope the book is as interesting as the title.

In addition to those two things above, I should read up on the June Free Motion Quilting Challenge tutorial so that I have the reading portion done and can, hopefully, get the sewing portion done before the end of June so I qualify for the June prizes!! June's featured quilter is Cindy Needham. If she is like the other featured quilters she will have lots of great quilting tips for me - can't wait to hear what she has to say.

Picture below is of our family cottage in Upstate New York followed by a shot of the Judge Ben Wiles, a lake tour boat that comes by each Sunday afternoon.

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