Monday, December 7, 2009

So, today it is a paper crafts day.... working on Christmas card designs - need to upload cards that are done so i can remember what i have done from year to year.

I have a really neat idea for storing embellishments that i want to make for a few of my paper crafts friends. Basically it is similar to a sewing storage kit that i once received but much simpler (like it won't have a handle or anything fancy like that -- too many to make to be fancy). It will be like a mini-album that i will embellish the front with machine stitching and then sew in freezer ziploc bags (quart i think). I would like to put a label on the bags but not sure how to do it yet. Wouldn't that be great to store those little pieces that go everywhere, especially if you are a traveling scrapbooker??

It is really cold and nasty out today and i would like to just stay home and play in my studio but i have a dr. appt and then we're going over to Meghan's house to help them install garage door openers -- well, i will be the baby watcher since Meghan will be working and someone has to do it...

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