Thursday, May 24, 2012

I love a Quilt Show!!

Last Friday was my birthday and I celebrated in the best fashion I know - I went to a quilt show with my quilting buddies. We went down to the Machine Quilters Showcase in Overland Park, Kansas and it was well worth the drive.

I am completely blown away by the quilts that are coming off the beds of our sewing machines these days and what I truly am amazed at (and inspired by) is the fact that many of them are being done on a domestic machine, NOT a long arm quilting machine.

I took tons of photos to show the different quilting patterns that were on display and some of the great top designs. I do this at all of the quilt shows and now I have a pretty good dictionary of quilting patterns on my laptop. Of course it isn't organized in any manner but by plowing through all of my photos I may find one that unexpectedly jumps out at me instead of the pattern I was looking for.

This particular quilt show, Machine Quilters Showcase, is one of my favorites because there is so much emphasis on machine quilting designs and I am currently working diligently at improving my machine quilting skills on my Janome sewing machine. The abundance of quilts done on the smaller sewing machines has really given me a boost of confidence and great hope that more quilts, including mine, will be done on domestic machines.

It bothers me when I see a beautiful quilt that was pieced by one person and quilted by another because the credit is given to the person who pieced the quilt and often the quilt is spectacular because of the quilting NOT the piecing. We never had this problem when both processes were done by the same person. With more machine quilting being done on our domestic machines, maybe we can get back to the way it used to be - a quilt that is pieced and quilted by the same individual. Then I won't be so bothered.....

Let's hope that this is done sooner rather than later!!

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