Tuesday, May 1, 2012

National Scrapbook Day - Virtually!

I have been having a blast participating in an online celebration of National Scrapbook Day that lasts all week long - April 27th - May 5th! This event was just what I needed to give me a boost to get going on some long awaited scrapbook pages. 
Each day there is a challenge posted online, you make your page(s) and then upload them to the Creative Memories Home Page on Facebook.  You can see all of the other pages that have been done, too, which is wonderful to gather new ideas. Today's challenge is to make a page with a picture from childhood and journal the memory that goes with it. Well, I have lots of pictures right here by my desk waiting to be scanned in to my laptop but the hard part will be deciding which one(s) to use on a page! I have been able to do two out of the four challenges posted and I really hope to get today's done - I have until midnight!!!

Challenge #1 - Use Colors that were given to us - I used Orange, Grey and Baby Blue

Challenge #3 - Use tags in an unusual way - as you can see I used them for the bunny's ears and for journaling - not the best bunny around but it works  :)

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